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About the Union Master Plan:

The Union Master Plan is an effort to review the needs of the UNT campus community in order to best serve them through programs and services that are offered in their University Union. Currently, this building is not able to completely meet those needs because of space and structural limitations. This building was built in the 1970’s to serve a student population of around 17,000 students. The UNT Denton campus has grown to almost 40,000 students since then, while more than 2.5 million people visit the University Union each year.

A group of students, faculty, and staff have been invited to represent the campus community during this process. They will provide necessary feedback in order for us to better gauge and meet your needs.

We believe in being 100% transparent during this process, and it is our hope that this website will be able to provide you with the critical answers to the questions that you may have.

Fee Information:

A proposed fee increase of no more than $115 would take effect beginning in the fall of 2014 to fund the new renovated and expanded Union facility and it’s programs and services.

The fee goes directly back to students by bringing the best Union to the UNT campus.

By beginning the fee in the fall of 2014, the students would be saving an approximate $43 million, money that would ensure students would get every single item they asked for in the Union while protecting against rising interest rates and construction costs.

Beginning the fee in the fall of 2014, UNT students would not asked to pay for a facility that they would not have the benefit of enjoying, while still allowing for students to be fiscally responsible.

The fee would go towards bringing a facility that you can be proud of, that leaves your legacy of greatness at UNT for the betterment of the campus and greater good for future UNT students.

The new Union is an investment in your future, and in your degree. By helping to attract better and brighter students, a new Union brings recognition and admiration for your degree.

Featured Highlights:

• Natural Light, Openness, Clear Entries
• All New Interior Spaces
• Exciting New Exterior Image
• 24/7 Zone with Corner Market
• Sustainable Design – Target LEED Platinum
• All New Bookstore
• 75% more Food Service & Entertainment
• 75% more Auditorium & Meeting Space
• 100% more Lounge & Gallery Space
• 125% more Student Groups & Organizations Space