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Union Gallery
Hours of Operation

Fall/Spring Semester: 8am–10pm.
Summer: 8am-6pm, closed Sunday.
We are closed when UNT is closed.

We're located on Level 3 of the University Union.

Gallery Information

Directions & Parking

Gallery Exhibit Application

For more information, contact Design Works  (940.565.3829).

The Union Gallery has been a part of the present day Union since the 1976 remodel. Shows in the Union Gallery are mainly UNT students but it has hosted UNT alumni, visiting foreign and local artists and groups. As part of the Union's dedication to education and students, the Gallery offers an excellent opportunity for students to learn about what goes into submitting an application for a show and putting together their own exhibition. The Union Gallery is a favorite venue of student artists on campus because of the diversity and the amount of visitors that come through the space.

Upcoming Gallery Events

Alisa Otto

November 19 - December 16

Reception: Tuesday, November 27, 7-9pm
Fashion Design

In every experience I have, I am inspired by colors, textures and patterns I encounter. I started hand sewing at the young age of five, which is why I find the most enjoyment out of hand work and concentrating on the details of my designs. Fully handmade creations are my greatest inspiration; more specifically, handmade quilts and art quilts. I constantly look to these inspirations for new techniques to explore and new ways to further push myself into designing beyond my comfort level. My ultimate goal is to tell a story through my designs the way quilters tell stories through their creations.